Speech: the SixthSense technology


In this speech for TED India in 2009, Pranav Mistry, currently Vice President of Research at Samsung Electronics, introduced the potential of wearable devices to enable new interactions between the real world and the world of data.

The development trends in the IT industry are shifting the user value from the physical interphases (the hardware or device) to the software allowing us to interact with the world of data. We are interested in information and not necessarily the devices or the pixels presenting it.

Beyond the potential to enhance the quality and value of our interactions with the world of data, I see in this example a tremendous opportunity to further dematerialise the IT industry and drastically reduce the negative social and environmental impacts along their supply chains.

What I appreciate the most in this particular example is that the author has made the code available (open source) to anyone willing to further explore the potential of the SixthSense technology.

I hope you enjoy Pranav’s speech

Diego Horcajada

P.S.: A hint about the content of this TED:

  • A pen that can draw in 3 dimensions
  • A computer map built into a table
  • Your hand as keyboard
  • Project videos or images onto newspapers
  • Project onto a piece of paper and use it as a touch screen
  • ‘Copy and Paste’ from physical world onto the data world