Speech: The most important talk of the 21st century

Paul Gilding is an independent writer and advisor on sustainability, in this speech in March 2012 at TED conference hold in Long Beach California, he alerts us on the global economical, social and ecological crisis: the world economy has reached and surpassed the limits to growth.

Despite the scary topic of the speech, I strongly appreciate his invitation to think on rather than the end of civilization, the beginning of a new one. He is convinced, and me to, we can make it, we can be at the level required to face the challenge.

Yes, we need change at a scale and speed that scares many; we need to urgently prepare society for The Great Change and “the end of shopping”. We need to reinvent a new global economy and model of social progress.

I would be glad if you share your thoughts after watching it.

Diego Horcajada

PD: if you have problems with annotations appearing in your screen while watching the TED, you just need to go the settings (bottom of your screen) and deactivate the options Annotations