Documentary: The true cost

The True Cost is a must watch documentary to understand social and environmental impacts of the clothing industry.

I remember with nostalgia the time (not long ago, I’m only 44) when the clothing industry had two seasons, summer and winter. We have seen those two seasons grow first to align with the year’s seasons, adding spring and autumn, and now we do not talk any more about seasons but collections.

As per The Economist article published in April 2017, “fast-fashion brands such as Zara, owned by Spain’s Inditex, now offer more than 20; Sweden’s H&M manages up to 16 (collections)”. This is becoming the new normal and today we can even see luxury brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton offering six collections a year instead of two.

This documentary builds awareness of what and where the hidden costs are of the clothing industry, and who actually pays for it.


Release date: October 14, 2015 (Switzerland)

Director: Andrew Morgan

Distributed by: Life Is My Movie Entertainment; Bullfrog Films

Producer: Michael Ross

Screenplay: Andrew Morgan