Documentary: Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy is without a doubt the documentary that has had the greatest impact on my consumer behavior.

Before watching this documentary, I always said I could never become vegetarian; I am a meat lover.

My wife and I watched this documentary in January 2017, and since then we removed meat and fish from our grocery list.

I’m not a full vegetarian, and I do not know if one day I will be, but once I became aware of the real impact of animal agriculture on the environment, it was for me nothing but logical to drastically reduce my meat consumption. With absolutely no effort and no cravings, from one week to the next, we passed from consuming meat or fish 4 to 5 times a week, to consume it only when hosted by family or invited to friends. We do not want to impose our choice on others, and we still appreciate a good quality product and the savoir-faire of a good cook.

I strongly recommend watching this entertaining and thought-provoking documentary.

I would be glad if you share your thoughts after watching it.


Initial release: June 26, 2014 (Los Angeles)

Directors: Kip AndersenKeegan Kuhn

Executive producer: Kip Andersen

Producers: Kip AndersenKeegan Kuhn

Screenplay: Kip AndersenKeegan Kuhn