About me

Around the same time I became a father, the current state of the world and the challenges for sustainable development became recurring thoughts keeping me awake at night: How can we place social and environmental concerns at the centre of corporate business strategies?

This fundamental question led me to put on hold my career with the largest food and beverages company in the world. After 15 years of experience working in international corporate supply chains across diverse markets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America, I decided to take a break to develop my knowledge in Business Sustainability.

A year later, I graduated cum laude in Advanced Sustainability from the University of St Gallen, I joined the B Leaders community in Switzerland, and I gave my self the opportunity to practice Design Thinking, Collaboratory Techniques and Block-Chain Strategy, while still being able to enjoy more time with my two small kids.

My purpose : Transform business into a source for common good, helping companies to identify their overall performance drivers, evaluate practices that have a societal and environmental impact and develop improvement plans.