Fabrics through waterless technology?


Diego Horcajada, July 2018

Following the post fashion industry unbundled, this will be the first post of a serie of short posts aiming to present examples of innovative companies, business models, and technologies that can help to address the sustainability challenges of the apparel industry.

Reading Quantis report on apparel and footwear value chain (download the full report), we understand the process of dyeing accounts for nearly 30% of the freshwater withdrawal of the apparel industry: It takes approximately 25 liters of water to dye one T-shirt, which results in the equivalent amount of water in the Mediterranean Sea being used for dyeing fabric in the world every year. The most worrying aspect of all this used water is the colorful saturated hues along with the abundance of harmful chemicals that is discharged into the sewage system.

Could we imagine a waterless dyeing process? no freshwater withdrawal and no discharge of harmful chemicals into the sewage system.

The Yeh Group is the first company in the world to implement industrial waterless dyeing. The technology, DryDye®, developed the Yeh Group uses zero water, no chemical additives, and is more energy efficient.

If you want to learn more about the DryDye® technology, I invite to check the following links:

  • DyeCoo water free dyeing: short video ilustrating the process behind the waterless dyeing technology, DryDye®
  • The Next Black documentary (chapter 5, Dry Dye) features Sophie Mather, former Innovation Director of Yeh Group, and the Yeh Group’s efforts to reduce the impact of water, waste, and carbon across the textile industry




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