Sustainability reporting: a new gold standard?

icebreaker post

Diego Horcajada, July 2018

Corporate Sustainability reports have become a must. The number of S&P 500 companies issuing sustainability reports has grown from just 20% in 2011 to 82% in 2016.

And I wonder how many of these sustainability reports can honestly be considered best in class in terms of transparency, and how many are actually just another greenwashing marketing tool.

Last week I had the opportunity to read the report of the company Icebreaker (a designer of outdoor high-performance clothing). And I would like to share it here, as I considered it a best in class even though it does not strictly follow the GRI Standards. It is importance to notice the company does not call it a Sustainability Report but a Transparency Report.

The tone of the report is very humble (key factor for credibility) and very comprehensive. It acknowledge the well doing of the company without “sugar-coating”, while provide extensive transparency on sustainability gaps along the end to end supply chain (from farmer to store) and the committed action plans to close the gaps.

I hope you find it inspiring, and I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts.

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