2000 Watt Challenge – Join the FaceBook page!

Diego Horcajada, May 2018

Dear friends,

My colleagues from the University of Saint Gallen are about to launch their FaceBook page related the 2000 Watt society vision and they would like to invite you to join them!

From 13 to 18 of May  they will post one video every day, providing us with ideas to achieve the 2000 Watt society vision. During this week they will challenge us to take action and experience what living in a 2000 watt society would be like.

The ambition of the 2000 Watt society vision is to achieve an average primary energy usage of no more than 2,000 watts (i.e. 2 kilowatt-hours per hour or 48 kWh per day), without lowering people’s standard of living.

The reality is that Switzerland is today at 5000 Watts, but it was not always so, in fact the  the average energy consumption of Switzerland in 1960 was at 2000 Watts. Was Switzerland a developing country back then (irony)?

The image below brings some light and benchmark on our global reality today.

2000W benchmark
Average energy use: total country energy use / total country population
We can all contribute in many different ways, mainly in four areas:
  • Consumption
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Living (electricity, heating, water)

Many of the actions are strongly related to our personal behaviour. So the 2000 Watt challenge aims to show us the main areas where we could change our behaviour and have a positive impact by embracing the 2000 Watt vision.

Are you curious about it? Do you want to participate? then, click in the link  to join the challenge:  FaceBook page – 2000 Watt Challenge

Please feel free to invite people who you think should be interested in.

Diego Horcajada

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