Toastmasters Speech: The key in our plates

Diego Horcajada, April 2018

In my post “I don’t give up” I explained how greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions related to livestock actually exceed the emissions of the global transportation system. Part of the information  presented in this post will be used in the frame of my consulting project for the company Eaternity, whose ambition is “to create the future of gastronomy”.

Next month we will host two collaboratory exercises (Lausanne and Zürich) bringing together different stakeholders from the catering industry with two objectives:

  1. raise awareness on agriculture’s contribution to climate change
  2. explore solutions with all stakeholders

The Toastmaster club gave me the opportunity to give a speech to test my capacity to deliver on the above objective n°1.

I will really appreciate your feedback on the speech.

Warm regards

Diego Horcajada

P.S.: If you are interested in the document supporting the speech you can download it here



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